Blog Reflection

25 05 2012

Although having a blog as my senior project product may be determined “easy” to some people, the purpose of the senior product is exactly the same.

I chose to use a blog as my product because a majority of the population is connected to social media. A blog is faster and easier to update and access.

My topic on urban violence and education may be unoriginal, but I feel that I attacked presenting this blog on a different scale. Overall, I’m very proud with what I have to present and it makes me feel even more proud knowing I can educate whomever comes across my blog but at the same time speak in my own opinion, whereas if I chose to do a magazine, I would have to do otherwise.

Urban education is something (I feel) not enough people pay attention to. It is such a major issue in America, but rarely do schools like mine ever get any attention financially. According to, on a state level, education and incarceration funds come from the same pocket, except $9 out of $10, support imprisonment. (You may access the full article here.)

Before I started working on this blog, I knew that the Oakland Unified School District’s dropout rate was dramatically high (nearly 40 percent), although it looked worse compared to San Francisco’s low percentage (11 percent).  (

I want people to be educated about the violence issue in urban areas and know what they can do to reverse its effect. Knowing that changing society’s perception isn’t going to happen overnight, I take the first step onto improving my community by making my voice become heard with this blog. Nothing is going to happen if one simply complains about what needs improving in their so called “home”. This is why I chose a blog as my senior product.