Just another shooting on an educational campus, nbd.

3 04 2012

It was no surprise to me when I heard that seven, people were found dead at a local school in Oakland, CA.

The students at Oikos University, a Christian school providing programs for theology, Asian medicine, nursing, and music fled campus as an elderly Korean man started spontaneously shooting, according to ABC News. More information about the shooting can be found here.

Is it absurd that I found this event very normal?

I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but┬ájust last week Fremont Federation went on lock down because a bullet pierced the side of the Foothill building. Sources tell me that the classroom whose room heard the gunshot took it very calmly and continued working on their assignments.

I don’t know about you, but a reaction like that wouldn’t have taken place if a shooting were to occur somewhere in the valley, the more suburban areas.

Thank you, elder Korean man for boosting 2012’s violence rates just a little more. Maybe we’ll get ranked 5th most dangerous city in the US instead of the 6th this year.