Survey Results

8 05 2012

If students complain about the lack of  “fun” activities on campus, why do they not take initiative to join programs of their choice?

Also, how do students agree to a proposal of an 18 hour minimum of attending an after school program such as a club, tutoring program or job, but don’t attend an after school program because they are “uninterested”?

I conducted a survey on my senior project topic ‘Urban Youth Education’ and these results came in.

When I asked if they were involved in an after school program, 54.2% of 24 students they didn’t, and 45.8% said they did. Nearly all of 13 students who answered ‘no’ are the ones who are for the proposal of 18 hour after school program requirement.

A specific student requested that the school should “engage” with students more to “build a better support system” for the student.

From experience, I know that teachers at Fremont do attempt to build strong support systems and relationships with their students but certain students don’t either acknowledge their actions and/or they reject and distance themselves from any adult on campus.

The teachers I’ve met and built relationships with at Fremont did support me and I did feel like I can go to an adult whenever I needed help. And from what I see, it just seems as if underclassmen (mostly freshmen and sophomores) ignore and brush off the teachers’ offer to help. They constantly complain about how the teachers are “bitches” and “hella annoying”, when in reality, they’re just trying to lead these students down the road to graduation.





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