Matthew Phork: Zero to Hero

1 05 2012

The challenges this particular student went through highlights the senior class of Media Academy.

This student is the perfect example of a very determined, yet struggling student in Oakland, CA.

Matthew Phork made his start in San Francisco, then to Illinois, thenVan Nuys, then to Long Beach, then Oakland, and Long Beach again, then finally back to Oakland.

Phork was just another slacker in school; uninspired, tired, lazy, didn’t care too much for his education. This caused tension and stress for him and his family. He walked the streets of Long Beach with curiosity and not a single care in the world.

When Phork’s mother passed away during his senior year, he was taken in by his sister who lived in Oakland. Eventually, tension and drama arose in the household of him and his sister and eventually, Phork found himself jumping from family to family in order to keep a roof over his head.

Because of the lack of high school credits, Phork wasn’t able to graduate in 2011, like expected. Instead, he spent his summer going to summer school to officially start catching up on his credits.

In Phork’s second year of being a senior, he worked extra hard to make sure he was going to graduate. With 145 credits to makeup and the Marines on his mind, he sacrificed playing football for Fremont and hanging out with friends after school to attend Cyber High.

It is now near the end of Phork’s senior year, and it looks like he has nothing more to worry about other than passing the classes he’s currently taking.

In his journey to graduation, I believe his story can inspire a lot of students who struggled the same way he did.

A high school diploma is all he needs before he pursues his dream in the Marines.




One response

2 05 2012

Lovely profile, Aleanna. Can you add a photo of Matthew? Maybe in his JROTC uniform or on his snazzy bike?

These sorts of stories are helpful to teachers. They let us know what lies below the surface of the student they see in class. I have never had Matthew in class, but he is one of the friendliest students on campus. I admire him even more now that I know what he has been through.

His future should be promising!

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