Round of applause for M’Kala Payton

25 04 2012

Media Academy junior M’Kala Payton couldn’t have explained Fremont’s rugged campus any more precisely.

Payton spoke with staff attorney Tara Kini of Public Advocates Inc. about our “jail-looking” school facility. You can view the interview with Kini here.

In my opinion, my peer M’Kala was very spot on about Fremont’s environment. Yes, our portables are decades old and reek of mold and rat infestation. Yes, we don’t have the proper materials. And yes, our high school isn’t as clean as you’d expect a high school campus should be.

But the one thing about us Fremont students, or students of color who attend inner-city schools in general, is that no matter what, we take what we can get. There’s the half of the student body who use the available materials to our advantage, and then there’s the other half who complain about our out-of-date materials and don’t bother picking up a textbook.

The general perception of society on schools like Fremont is “ghetto”, “dangerous”, “chaotic”. What these certain people don’t see is how persistent and how hard working we students are.

Let me just some spotlight on our bright young students who made it on the Honor Roll with a 3.0 above in the fourth marking period.

A few particular students I would like everyone to recognize includes Ariel Martinez, who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last month. Some students on Media Academy’s honor roll got into schools such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Los Angeles and Yale.

Lastly, the  College Summit program helped many students of Fremont broaden their knowledge about college and assist them with incoming college planning. Thanks to College Summit, a couple friends and I who attended the summer program are now expecting to be attending college at UC Santa Cruz in the fall. Other College Summit participants will be attending the different UCs available in California as well; UC Berkeley, Davis,  and Riverside.

Round of applause for Fremont. Keep up the good work.




4 responses

26 04 2012

Round of applause to this blogger, too. Your voice is really coming out in this blog in a way I’ve never seen in a news story or feature … this is your genre, I think!

Your observations are very profound — especially about the resources and those who choose to make the most of what there is and those who complain and fail to see what they could do on campus. Your class rocks in terms of people taking advantage of programs and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones.

I am proud to be your teacher!

Miss Shafer

27 04 2012
Mkala payton

thanks for the recognition! its much appreciated

27 04 2012
Ms. T-H

you hit the nail on the head. Yes, there are HUGE challenges for Fremont students, but there are also many opportunities. You and your classmates have stretched yourselves, taking advantage of what is offered and then even pushing a little more. And guess what? It’s paid off!
I am soooooo proud of you. And sooooooo excited for you to be at Santa Cruz next year; I can’t think of a better fit for you; I feel like that school was made for you 🙂

Ms. T-H

11 05 2012
Candice Rose

Aleanna! Your blog makes my heart swell! Beautiful work! I really appreciate that you are taking the time to acknowledge your peers and to speak against the stigmas around urban students. You also deserve applause!!

I can’t wait to see what the next phase of life brings you!

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