RE: ‘Do Now #23: Why Do So Many Students Drop Out of High School?’

27 03 2012

On the KQED website, I read yet another article about high school drop outs posted by Matthew Green. The article can be found here.

‘Why do so many students drop out of high school?’

Even though the headline to the article was a question, I found no answer to it reading it. This website clarified statistics and went into racial specifics about dropout percentages in the entire state of California.

In the article, it was specified that the Oakland Unified School District’s high school drop out rate was at 40 percent in the 2009 and 2010 school year. After that, it was compared to San Francisco’s school district, whose dropout rate was at nine percent in that same year.

Comparisons like that make me shake my head and feel disappointed because these statistics are what society sees. The statistics are plastered on the news for everyone in the Bay Area to see and people look at Oakland like it’s too dangerous of a city to step foot in.

Because the dropout rate and violence rate is so high, people tend to overlook what lies underneath the numbers. I feel like the only people who see how much potential Oakland youth has or the beauty the city holds are the people who live in Oakland.




2 responses

30 03 2012

Beautifully said Aleanna! Yes, we do need to see what “lies beneath the numbers.”

5 04 2012

I think it would be helpful if someone did some research and found out exactly why San Francisco and other cities have a lower drop out rate than Oakland. Is Oakland’s drop out rate correlated with the violence in the city or are there other factors?

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