RE: ‘High School Dropouts’ via

23 03 2012 helps people better their communities by providing information and ideas on how to make it happen. “believes in young people, celebrates young people, trusts young people, respects and values young people.”

One of their causes included high school dropouts; the causes and effects.

Many people don’t know the actual causes and effects of high school dropouts. Many just assume that a student drops out of high school because they’re “lazy,” or “delinquent”.

Although the assumptions of why a student would drop out of high school is somewhat correct, not enough people know how to prevent it or even help that same dropout get back on track with their life, keeping them motivated.
Thankfully, provides helpful information to assist specific students who are in danger of dropping out. On this specific page of their website, solutions and prevention ideas are provided.
The best way to keep a student from dropping out is to keep them interested, motivated and involved.



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